MultiPerso Single Point of Contact (SPOC) facilitates an exchange between domestic country’s CVCA and foreign CVCA. It is developed to provide complete and accurate access to eMRTD biometrics, designed initially for strong terminal authentication at border control points.


SPOC is required for implementation of standardized protocol and international online certificate management for EAC ePassports in order to exchange certificates between different countries. One SPOC interface is required to serve as a front-end point for domestic country EAC components which are communicating with other countries’ counterparts (SPOC).

Generally, Multiperso SPOC provides communication of all international EAC certificate requests and responses when a country issues DVCA certificates to foreign CVCAs or when a country obtains CVCA certificates issued by a foreign CVCA. For border control officials this mean ability to access EAC certificates regardless of passport holders’ nationality.  To secure communication SSL connection is used at all times which is provided by SPOC CA.