Premium solution for large-scale fingerprint identification

MultiPerso AFIS is adoptable and customizable ready-to-use software that allows performing a wide variety of tasks for processing, searching, retrieving and storing biometric templates and subject records for national scale projects. It prevents from identity theft, uncontrolled document re-issuing and helps to verify legitimacy.


MultiPerso AFIS software is developed to manage the flow of biometric data of all citizens in the country and provides a trusted solution for quick and precise identification.

AFIS is integrated into identification applications for most of the governmental institutions, financial establishments and other organizations around the world that are in need of fast and precise identity check - Population Register, Registry Office, Social service Office, etc.

Beyond advanced biometric identification and verification, MultiPerso AFIS delivers return on investment in short terms.  Expanded capabilities make this the ideal platform to launch for trustful identification purposes in government as well as banking or private sectors. MultiPerso solution combines the best experience and innovative approach to arising challenges.

MultiPerso AFIS is delivered as a turnkey solution which includes the integration of an AFIS and the implementation of a biometric database.