MultiPerso Data preparation provides a simple and comprehensive solution for government organizations to issue employees` and national ID cards as well as passports based on smart chip technology.


MultiPerso Data preparation software receives card application, and cardholder profile data, keys and certificates from multiple sources. The data is checked and prepared according to the defined setup and moved forward in the overall card-personalization process. 

MultiPerso Data preparation software allows to issue ID cards, driver license and passports in two modes: 

  • MultiPerso Data preparation Batch provides manipulations with input data separately from the encoding of smart card chips. Data preparation may include transformation of data formats, crypto operations, generation of certain ICAO data blocks, etc. Prepared data can be fed to personalization machines or can be sent to another personalization centres for further processing and personalization of smart cards. This mode is suitable for premium-range personalization machines or when smart cards are personalized by several personalization bureaus in a distributed environment.
  • MultiPerso Data preparation Single Step performs manipulations with input data from card management system and immediately sends it to personalization machines for encoding of smart card chips for each card. This mode is suitable for medium-range personalization machines or for instant issuing.