Case Studies

Our Fintech & Banking Projects

DSK Odessos Migration

“Odessos” migration – data integration and migration of Expressbank’s core banking system (OPTA) and secondary information systems to DSK bank’s information systems, both part from OTP Group, Large scale data migration project, aimed at preparation, data integration, data cleaning and data export of information from multiple banking systems used in Expressbank (based on Oracle and SQL Server) into a unified staging area in Oracle  and preparation of export files for transfer to the DSK Bank’s information systems.

DSK Archive system

“Operational archive” application design and development – data integration and ETL transformation of Expressbank’s legacy systems to a newly developed information system – Operational archive, both part from OTP Group, An important project, combining data integration and ETL development and system design and implementation. As a part of the project information from multiple data sets regarding Expressbank’s client, account, card, transaction, product and debt processing information, stored across multiple legacy applications to be phased out, was analyzed, transformed and loaded to be processed into a newly developed Operational archive system.

Delivery, customization, implementation and maintenance of New Card systems in Eurobank – Postbank AD

The system includes:

- Issuing (VISA, Master Card) - Card Account Management (Pre-paid, debit, credit cards ), Instant issuing, Installments, Loyalty, Token Life Cycle Management; DataMart Issuing; Dispute Management; Clearing (International Card Schemes (VISA, MasterCard, Amex ) processing, Borica - National Processing center processing)

- Acquiring (VISA, Master Card and Amex) - Merchant Account Management, Terminal Life Cycle Management, Merchant Loyalty; Merchant portal; DataMart Acquiring; Dispute Management; On-line interface to Base 24; Clearing (International Card Schemes (VISA, MasterCard, Amex ) processing, Borica - National Processing center processing)

ELMT (External Lines Monitoring Tool)

Main functionalities:

- System integration with the legal information system APIS for retrieval of income data, assests ownership and personal data of the borrower

- Development of a document management application to handle the electronic document files maintained for to the credit contracts;

- Preparation of Loan Contracts. The LCT application facilicates the process of gathering and evaluation of credit eligibility criteria, tracking credit limitation rules and managing alerts

- Atuomate reporting to the Bulgarian National Bank and credit guarants;

Credit contract drafting system that manages the communication between sales branches and credit administration.

Our team participated in the development of the following modules:

Intermediate register application, that automates credit contract preparation functionality. LCT (Loan Contract Tool) facilitates the preparation of all contract types, related to SME companies, corparate and retail customers. Our experts provided expertise in the development of important features like preparation of new contracts, pledge of a commercial enterprise, anex to an existing contract, new functionalities, related to guarantee programs, , integration with ELMT

Development of an integration component for integration between DocuSign and Evrotrust

The goal of the project is to provide a loosely coupled modular solution for integration between the DocuSign Saas platform and the Evrotrust platform API interfaces, that enables users of DocuSign, who have selected Evrotrust as provider of digital signing services, to sign document hash using the Evrotrust mobile application (online mode).

The main objectives to be achieved in order to complete the goal are:

- Provide a landing page to which DocuSign requests for signing are forwarded

- Provide backend processing of the signing workflow, orchestrating the process workflow that includes calls to both the DocuSign and Evrotrust APIs and persistence of the state of the process steps

- Provide a web application for administration, configuration and monitoring of the system operation. The admin module allows configuration of client mappings between Evrotrust client profiles and DocuSign client profiles, monitoring of overall event processing flow, detailed view into the audit trail for each workflow and reporting on the gathered information.


The system support APIs integration with Evrotrust existing backend systems, with National registers for checking and verifying data for legal persons, with external partners for checks for KYC/KYB, etc.

The system recognize given API request based on country, identity number of the legal person, unique company identifier for the specific country and set of requested attributes of the legal person, and then transfer the check to the corresponding register/s and/or existing integration with external company/s for checks for KYC/KYB, etc.

The system retreive data from XML/JSON forms and present it in a template based on predefined format.

The system get a bundle of documents and send them for signing with one request.

The system flag every data attribute gathered from registers/external companies with data source and level of assurance.

The system generate .pdf files with embedded XML in it with all the data fields received from register/s and/or existing integration with external company/s for checks for KYC/KYB, Evrotrust backend. The .pdf form support different languages for title, field names and any other text needed.

The system support error handling based on received information from register/s and/or existing integration with external company/s for checks for KYC/KYB, etc.

Maintenance and development of integrated financial system Oracle Business Suite - Oracle Financials, Oracle Treasury

Our team participated in the following project activities:

- System maintenance and support, consulting and bugfixing.

- Development of change requests for extensions and improvements of the functionality of the implemented modules and reports related to changing business and regulatory requirements with emphasis on compliance with the current International and National Accounting Standards and Bulgarian legislation.

- Assistance in upgrades of the Oracle Business suite platform aimed at preserving compatibility while introducing functional customizations implemented in previous versions. The assistance includes analysis and consulting on the impact of functional and technological differences of the new version on the customized functions of the System and adaptation of the functionality in order to preserve these customizations.


  • Kiril Georgiev, CEO

    The maintenance and development services provided for our implementation of Orace Financials and Treasury system have been on par with the highest standard in the industry. The team was always supportive, their expertise helped improve system performance and ensured the implementation of valuable new features.

    Kiril Georgiev, CEO
    PAC Doverie JSCo
  • Rumen Goranov, CFO

    Asebo is a company with great experience in development of complex, highly scalable and secure information systems. Their experts show deep knowledge of software architecture and desin. All the developments have been finished in timely manner and fullfil our requirements. I strongly recommend the company and the team!

    Rumen Goranov, CFO
    Evrotrust Technology JSCo
  • Yuriy Genov, Former CEO

    Asebo is a long-standing partner of DSK Bank. They have a great team of motivated and capable experts with deep knowledge of the banking industry. They showed exceptional quality in dealing with tasks related to data integration and migration, as well as development and implementation of specialized systems for the bank. We recommend Asebo as a reliable and valuable partner!

    Yuriy Genov, Former CEO
    DSK Bank

Our Transportation & Logistics Projects

Event management interface (EMI) for Endress Hauser AG

System integration platform that streamlines the exchange of event information about product deliveries with over 20 logistic service providers from all over the world (including DHL, FedEx/TNT, UPS, DB Schenker). The connected system provide data in several formats (EDI, TXT, XML, JSON) to the platform adaptors, which transform it into a unified format, mapping specific delivery status formats of the providers to a common model of events used by the company. The platform includes a web interface displaying all events related to the company’s supply chain and a data export interface sending the processed information to SAP, the company Visualization platform and other external systems.

Process control system (PCS) for Endress Hauser AG

Custom BI application consuming data loaded into a DWH model through ETL implementations from ERP and OLTP systems (SAP and AEB Transport and Freight). The web based application filters and retrieves information from the DWH presenting it through statistical and analytical reports, charts, dashboards and data cubes to corporate management, production centers and sales centers of the company all over the world for use in data analysis, process control, KPI measurement and optimization.

Global Transportation Network Ticket and Order System

Design, development and maintenance of Global Transportation Network Ticket and Order System for Endress Hauser AG

Design of ticket system implementation based on the Faveo Service desk platform, aimed at processing tickets related to problems in the supply chain of Endress Hauser AG - namely deliveries to more than 140 countries, though multiple regional hubs all around the world, using dozens of forwarders and supported by three teams of 4PL agents. Beyond the configuration of the system, iterative customization of all aspects of the ticket processing workflow and user experience were made, along with system integration to other systems in the company infrastructure - including API integration to SalesForce CRM

“GPS Fleet Management SmartTracker” as part of in-house development projects for VEM TECHNOLOGY LTD.

“GPS Fleet Management SmartTracker” is a universal solution for GPS tracking and management of vehicles of any type - light, light-duty, heavy-duty, etc. It provides the possibility of continuous control over the location and status of the vehicles, at any time, anywhere in Bulgaria and abroad. The solution is consist many and different functionalities, depending on the type vehicles and the needs of the business.

Some of the main features/ modules the team of Asebo have developed:

- Interactive Charts: Developed homepage with charts for asset type, movement status, and current speed using Apache Echarts;

- Real-Time Asset Tracking: Implemented functionality to track assets in real-time, displaying current positions, speed, and other vital metrics using both OpenStreetMap (OSM) Leaflet and Google maps;

- Asset Journeys: Implemented functionality to display different assets journeys in depth tracking on start stop and idling statuses in real time;

- Address search functionality: Implemented functionality to be able to search, show on map address and quick add region;

- Custom Region Mapping: Designed and implemented forms for drawing custom regions on maps, enabling tailored reporting for further analysis;

- Report Generation: Integrated with Carbone Report Generator to produce detailed, user-friendly reports from collected data with exporting functionality in different file formats;

- Real-Time Web Analysis: Real time metrics about user activity, behaviour over website functionalities using Matomo;

- Novu Integration: Integrate the Fleet UI with Novu for enhanced notifications;

- Socket.IO Integration: Develop methods for exchanging asset information with the Socket.IO server;

- Language System: Enhance the language support system;

- WebSocket Server: Develop a WebSocket server from scratch using Socket.IO and Redis for real-time broadcasting of asset location updates;

- Mobile app: Developing multiplatform app for IOS and Android using React Native technology

Application for Intelligent Transport System, working on LINUX и ANDROID based tablets and a Communication module between it and the main server application of the GPS tracking system of IKOM

The main features/ modules of the abovementioned system are:

- Driver/s - initial recognition / new driver / end of session. Communication with an RFID reader

- Route - loading from "server" . Possibility to change the route by the driver. Upon reaching an end point, the route "turns around" and begins its execution in reverse order

- Bus stops - sequential visualization on the user interface of the current and next stop on the route, with information about the remaining time to arrive at the next stop. Indication of remaining and overdue time until arrival at next stop. Sending information to the "server" about the arrival of public transport at the stop, based on GPS readings

- Chat – message exchange between driver and dispatcher and their visualization on the user interface

- Software update - software version control system - the "client" is marked with a current version, compared to the available version of the "server". After downloading the new version of the software, it is unpacked and installed on the device, taking the necessary actions to automatically stop work processes, user interface, delegation of rights, etc.


  • The process control, event management and servicedesk solutions implemented in our Logistics department have greatly improved our efficiency and data governance. The systems are user-friendly, reliable, and the support has been excellent. Asebo display deep knowledge of the Transport&Logistics domain!

  • Dragomir Bojkov, GM

    The team augmentation services provided by Asebo have been a game-changer for us. The skilled professionals seamlessly integrated into our team and boosted our productivity. Highly recommended!

    Dragomir Bojkov, GM
    Vem Technology Ltd.

Our Utilities Projects

References about implementation of assets managements, GIS and workflow based information systems, upon request.